What is PRC?

PRC works in partnership with property management professionals or the owner to develop and budget to devise sound repair solutions to costly site maintenance problems depending on long term or short term goals. We appraise your parking lots, truck courts, drainage structures and general site-work for damage. We work with you to develop a budgeted plan for long-term maintenance or reconstruction of these expense structures. We fully understand the impact of the cost of maintaining asphalt and concrete on your maintenance funding. Our goal is to provide you with budgets and plans for bidding purposes by creating a single scope of work for multiple contractors to bid. This eliminates the confusion of receiving multiple bids from contractors and having to decide which one best serves your needs and funding. We will work with you as your advisor to clarify your options.

Basic appraisal and construction services

An appraisal of the existing conditions of the pavement and site infrastructure with aerial depictions showing problem areas and recommendations for repairs
Written conditional report with a full replacement cost of the existing paved surfaces for comparison purposes
Development of a 5-year budget for repairs or reconstruction based on the clients’ goals and budgetary constraints
Providing a complete bid package with specifications to qualified contractors for competitive pricing
Project management of the in-progress job for specification compliance and quality control

“Jim is able to provide expertise in every step of the project and his value extends past project management. I am able to accurately prepare budgets, creating a maintenance or replacement plan with detailed pricing forecasts. Jim is also up-to-date on new materials suggesting alternate asphalt repair methods and/or resources which have been successful in other markets. Most importantly, Jim remains invested in every step of the project and is able to facilitate a positive experience for the owner, contractor and tenants involved.”

Margaret Leach, Senior Property Manager

Our Clients

Childress Klein Properties
Libery Property Trust
DCT Industrial
Duke Energy
Beacon Partners
Trinity Partners
Aston Properties
Cushman & Wakefield